Dark Sunday Sarcasm : Senseless

Once we’re gone, will bees colonize the planet?

Weather today:  Partly smoky with scattered rioters.

OBCC is precariously perched at the edge of my desk.  Four dogs have taken over my bed. 

Yes, this is typical for 3am.

What is keeping me up on this beautiful night?

I had a dream that every country was at peace with the other. It was wonderfully boring.

I had a dream that one day we’d be further along in our space program, and we’d all be commuting to work in flying cars.  Don’t get me started on that one.



Is our continued addiction to strife, violence, and anger a fuel source needed for aliens to power their interdimensional space craft?

  • How many people in the blog-o-sphere want war, violence, and famine?
  • How many people went to bed thinking, “I can’t wait until the civil war starts and we enter World War III?”
  • How many people out there are saying, “Politicians, please lie to me. I want a reason to hate my neighbor.”

Don’t be shy – raise your hand!

Oh…now I understand.  You don’t want to be hauled off to jail for having an opinion. 

Here’s mine:

Image may contain: text that says 'When you start RIOTING (ie looting stores, stealing from businesses and burning down buildings) it no longer is about George Floyd. It's about you and your criminal and selfish behavior!'

If you haven’t heard: A gentle and loving man was killed by a corrupt cop.  People aren’t looking for the right answers to simple questions like, “What can we do to protest that doesn’t include burning half the small minority-owned businesses in our city?”

Why isn’t anyone complaining about the lack of social distancing during a riot?  Wasn’t that the cause du jour only a week ago?

Humans provide so much fodder for sarcasm. 

  • We shoot ourselves in the foot and blame the bullet. 
  • We hit a lightpole while texting and driving then blame the electric company. 

Most people on Earth, want to work, live, and love.  At the same time, we laugh at what others do for a living, how people chose to live, and who other people love.

How many people are presently eating microwave sausage biscuits at 4 in the morning to protest against human nature?

Am I the only one?