Sometimes Posts Are Missing (SPAM)

I’ll have to consider it “Operator Error.”

The notifications for your new posts were being sent to my S*P*A*M folder.

It’s possible that WordPress made yet another change that foobarred my site.  

However; given my history with computers, it’s probably operator error.

After spending 15 minutes sending email to “NOT SPAM!” (aka, the Inbox), I’m reminded that some days it’s not worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Screwing up computers is not my only talent.  You should see what I can do with a blender (I’ve been through 5 of them in 20 years).

When I went in to manage the blogs I follow on WordPress, it said I wasn’t following any.  That was AFTER a message appeared that said I was following too many blogs (or something like that)

Subscription Management

You have several pending subscriptions and cannot subscribe to more blogs until you have activated or deleted them. Please visit the Pending section to manage these subscriptions.

Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.

You can now manage the blogs you follow in the Reader.

This might be easy to remedy, IF I knew where to find the “Pending section.”

As I’ve said — many times — the only reason I have a blog is Vickie, my blog partner who never posts anything.

One day, I’ll understand computers better — most likely after reincarnation.

It must be true that computers are to die for.