“Saw it”

Number 11 on yesterday’s post, How to lose more readers said:

“Wanna play a game?  If you read all the way through this swill, please add “saw it” to your reply.  I’ll write a post about the percentage compared to those who simply pushed the like button.”

DISCLAIMER:  This is a fun exercise and based on no scientific principle whatsoever.

Did I mention that I’m terrible at math? 

At three o’clock in the morning, there were 34 likes. 

7 out of 34 added “saw it” to their reply, although I know the 11 people who replied actually read the entire post, too.

So, like Schrodinger’s question, that can be answered by anyone who has ever been owned by a cat… 

…the answer is:  

I’m flattered that between 20 – 30% of the people who push the “like” button clawed their way out of the box actually read the post.

Don’t you just love 3 am sadistics statistics?