Writers aren’t perfect

We writers aren’t perfect.

I can hear the collective laughter now, and I’m imagining a stadium full of people shouting out, “Well…duh!!!”

What are my faults?



You can find some of them on the ABOUT JOELLE page:

  • If there are annoying people, places or things…if there is minutia that needs to be beaten to death, I’m out there–in more ways than one.  
  • Being dyslexic, consistency is NOT an option. I write the color of life that my brain sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels in the moment.
  • I was dragged into the blog-o-sphere, kicking and screaming, by 2 of the most patient people I know, and (when it comes to anything “computer”) I still feel like a turtle trying to cross an LA freeway.

Other faults can only be seen by the people at my day job who have to endure me.  Here are 4 that only someone at work can describe in painful detail:

  1.  I don’t like being touched (Fortunately, my better half isn’t much of a toucher, either). 
  2.  I have the patience of a hungry piranha with ADHD.
  3.  Part of my job is to sit at a computer and type what people are telling me while I’m looking them in the eye.  For those who hunt-and-peck on a keyboard, it’s very disconcerting to have someone read what you just said word for word.
  4.  When machinery acts up, I talk to it. More than one prospective employee has watched me ask a state-of-the-art office printer/scanner/fax machine things like, “I fed you more paper.  What the hell do you want now, a circuit massage?”

I’m deathly afraid of doing a video interview.  I fear the Tourette’s might drive readers away.  Worse yet is the possibility of becoming a GIF meme. 

I’ve thought about putting one of my dogs in front of the camera while I talk to the interviewer out of camera range.   Or, possibly OBCC (Other Brother Coon Cat).

Good Karma, and her sidekick, Obstinate Mutt.

Mr. Cute (when he’s not trying to destroy computers and keyboards),

Who do you think should be the face of the writer:  Mutts or Mr. Cute?