What I know about computers…

…could be written on the head of a pin in large letters.

My friend, Amanda Ricks let me know that all those great meme’s I’ve posted about our recent pandemic will become little blue squares within days or months.  She has many talents:  Blogger, Writer, Counselor, and Marketing Specialist.   I can’t thank her enough for her sage advice over the years.

If you liked any of the memes I’ve posted about COVID-19, and want to keep them, please look through my posts for the past month and take whatever memes you’d like.

Just click on the picture and choose “save image as,” then save it in “pictures” on your computer.  From what I can tell, if the post is reblogged, it will save pictures on your WordPress Media Library, too.

The other half of Two on a Rant. Without her setting up my blog, I’d have to do other things  — like clean house.

I would’ve been quite happy with Windows XP.  Why should I have to buy the Mercedez of computers when all I want is the Schwinn Bicycle variety? 

I’m stretching the boundaries of reality by using Windows 7, so why would I want an insanely unnecessary program like Windows 10?

If you can go into a bicycle shop, or buy a low end car; why can’t you buy a computer without the complexity, surveillance features, and other extras most of us don’t want?

After the past month of living through the draconian rules “necessary” to fight a “pandemic” that is no worse than the yearly flu, most people are sick of them.

We’re just as tired of hearing, “You can’t have that,” from computer manufacturers.  Who do they think they are, computer gods?  Even people who are deaf and elderly can buy a cell phone that’s easy to use.

No, I’m NOT elderly.  Elderly is always 10 years older than me.

How many people out there in the blog-o-sphere are ready to march on Microsoft and yell out, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!  I want my old XP!”

How hard could it be to make an XP word processor on a Windows 7 system that is as fast as Windows 10?

Of course I’d want it to play movies on it. 

I’m not entirely ignorant when it comes to using a computer.  

I know for a fact that no computer in the universe is cat-proof.


©Joelle (Computer non-guru) LeGendre.