Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Conversations with a smart@$$.

Okay, God, the universe and possibly everything, I’m once again trying to make sense of the senseless.

In other words, you can’t sleep.

Yep.  My body is one giant ache.

Take an Ibuprofen.

If I  do, COVID-19 will get me.

You do know there’s a meteor and a comet coming toward Earth.

WilI I live through it?


Then why bother to stay alive?

It is going to impact Earth in 79 years.

Then my great grandchildren are going to die?

We’ve been through this before. Life is nothing but a construct.  That body you think you have is nothing but spinning spheres.  When observed, it is perceived as dense matter to all the other constructs.

Then, if I think I’m 20 and beautiful, I can be?


Everytime I talk at you, I’m confused by the answer. If you’re so all-knowing, why can’t you make the explanation simple enough for a human to understand?

If a cat is given an algebra book will she know what to do with it?  

That’s what all those wiggly lines and numbers are inside my eyelids when I’m trying to sleep?

…and another algebra book is scratched into nothingness.

Why do you put up with us then?

When you’re not destroying everything within your grasp, you can be quite entertaining.

Where do I go when I die?

To a place you’ve never left.

Now I know why no one understands the universal mind.  When will I learn to stop trying to make sense of the senseless?

The day a cat learns to solve an algebra equation from a book.