When your brain is fuzzed out


By this time during your semi-quarantine, most of you are thinking, “I resemble this remark,”

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Some people feel they’ve aged 10 years waiting to buy toilet paper,

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I had to include this one, just because I laughed too hard when I saw it.

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Well… when you were among those who lived through sleepovers in the 1950’s so that you could get the measles, mumps and chicken pox from your friends, the threat of a coronavirus isn’t going to keep you down. 

I know that COVID-19 has everyone’s brain fuzzed out.  But, please…remember to spell check.  Your job may depend upon it.

Never, never use the “R” word.  If you worked for me, you’d be fired. Truly, it is not something you want to say around me. 

(A non-sarcasm moment:  I work in the field of developmental disabilities and have great respect for the wisdom and kindness of people who have endured what most of us could never imagine).

If you have any complaints, take your beef elsewhere.

Some BITTER people out there!! lol - Imgflip

You knew I had to throw a pun in there somewhere.  And…I run faster than Homer.   😀