How to make a word lose its meaning

My cat has completed a thorough scan and found one word that my “NEVER PUBLISH ANYTHING USING THIS SWILL” filter has failed to catch.

It is my opinion (and as you know, everyone is entitled to my opinion) the “F” word is replacing “you know” and “um” as a favorite filler word. 

When I hear people utter, “I (F) know (F) what you’re (F) trying to (F) say,” it’s as irritating as, “I, you know, understand, what you know you’re, you know, trying to, you know, say.”

It doesn’t add to the conversation and, if anything, it makes a reader/listener want to walk away.

The “F” word…

is not a sign of intelligence,

nor does it add meaning to the words.

If anything, it may be the reason aliens believe there’s no intelligent life on this planet.

Yes, I have used the “F” word.  I save it for times when it matters. 

I owned a couch with claw feet, in excellent shape when it was given to me by a realtor after I moved from a furnished rental home to a home I’d purchased.  It was then I discovered why the realtor was so eager to be rid of the D@#*ed thing.  I broke my right little toe twice and the left one once by running after two children under the age of five.

When I use the “F” word, there’s a good reason.  You know that I’m in serious pain, or my anger level has risen to the point where David Banner is morphing into the Hulk.

A person who shouts this word when he sees something funny, bizarre, or just for the hell of it,  will shout the “F” word when he’s in serious danger, too.  People might say,”He talks like that all the time,” no one takes it seriously, and he’ll probably die.

If you’re in the middle of dying while you’re writing a reply to one of my posts, your priorities are in the wrong place.  You should be dialing 911.

The cat scan is showing his butt as he leaves the premises.  He’s a cat.  He doesn’t know any better.  

I rest my cat case.