Home office cats


I have a home office.

I can hear what you’re thinking! “Ho Hum, I thought this was going to be a funny post.”

Presently, there’s a black cat in front of the computer screen licking his rear with one foot in the air. 

That one thankless act of loathing the hand that feeds him perfectly describes my day.

Do you know he’s psychic? 

He can feel it when I aim a camera at him.  That’s why I rarely get a good picture.  He has mastered the art of jumping away just before the camera clicks.

<–This picture was made possible by cat pride. 

Both the 20 pound coon cat and the 8 pound black cat wanted to be in exactly the same place at the same time.  The 8 pound black cat happened to be small enough to fit into the space that was left over and, camera be d@#%ed, he wasn’t going to budge.

I have two offices:

  • One of them is in an actual office building. 
  • The other is in my home.  

There’s this virus going around, (code name: pandemic) and anyone who can work from home is not allowed to be in the building.

Funny Archives - Writer Blueprint

That gives me more time to look up stuff like

  • What’s the best way to kill someone?
  • How long does it take someone to die from blood loss and how painful is it?
  • Whatever happened to Twiggy?

On one hand, I’m saying, “This is great!  Writing without guilt!”

On the other hand, there will be more cat fights over the space in front of my computer during the next 2 weeks.

As a reminder.  This…

…generally leads to this:

Other Brother Coon Cat (The Hulk) and Tiny Terror (The Flash) stare at each other first. 

Then the paws start flying.  Unfortunately, they have a knack for missing their target and impaling the computer screen — or the human trying to push them apart.  

I’m thankful for a job I can complete at home.

I’m thankful for more writing time.

Cat fights, I can do without.