Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : humor?


Humor is a strange animal. 

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I have at least 20 Readers Digests in my bathroom, circa 2003 – 2004. 

After reading the the same jokes for the past 16 years, I thought it might be time to get a new subscription.  

Did you know that the half-inch thick magazine with interesting stories has morphed into a pamphlet?  

Reader's Digest USA - 12/01 2020 » Download PDF magazines ...

You get the front view because you can’t see it from the side. And, so far, every joke I’ve read has less humor than a eulogy.

In my world, THIS is funny:

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THIS is NOT funny:

Except Stupid tattoos - nic cage game face - quickmeme

I don’t know which world the Reader’s Digest is living in, or which universe thinks their jokes are funny, but rocks have better punch lines.

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The way I see it; when you’re in the bathroom it helps to have a bit of easy reading to pass the…uh…time, and laughing stimulates the gut muscles. 

When I’m not laughing, I’m not passing.

But let’s not go there.   

My disappointment can be summed up in one meme:

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You think you’re going on an adventure, and find the experience sorely lacking.

Perhaps I can find a more productive way to use my time, like this guy:

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