Life with Critters

This sums up the past three days:

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It’s hard to sleep with a 40 pound dog draped over your chest, and another one using your legs as a pillow.  

You might be wondering, “Why does she allow that Cr@p?

I think dogs are the ones who should be asking why they put up with humans…

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…and cats

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This is why I no longer have a couch

…or a recliner

or a dining room table.

…or a coffee table

….or anything living-room like.  

What we have is a bench with metal legs.


I arrived home one day to find a couch resembling this:


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What was left, Mr. Cute-ums decimated.

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I dream of the day I come home to this:

But…what good is a home like that without my 4-footed companions?

Furniture is just something you decorate your home with.  You can’t buy Fur-nature.

This awaits me on the bed:

What was I thinking!

I have a cat’s chance in a catnip factory of escaping my fate.