A little silliness

A little silliness today.

Fun with internet searches.

This prompted me to remember a few that made me laugh out loud:

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How about winter in Florida?

Funny: Stop the madness #flwinter | impactwellness

Do you know what we have in Florida during the winter that no one up north has to worry about?


Lots and lots of fleas.

This is just about the only way you’ll get rid of them…

Home Remedies for Fleas - Flea Bombs and Other Treatments

And it lasts only as long as the radiation levels are high enough.Β 

But then, you’re dead so it no longer matters.

It’s 2:30am and I woke up like this:

In case you’re wondering, I’m supposed to be on the pillow, not Dingo Dog.

My dogs aren’t spoiled…much.

Are other people’s dogs this spoiled?

Spoiled dog - Imgflip

Guess so.

That’s it.Β  I’m going back to bed….

Or not.

Here’s hoping you have a better night’s sleep.