January Journey so far ✨🤗

I like seeing pictures of other places, and loved the scenery, so ‘m sharing this glimpse into Simon’s life.

A Nobody Wandering Earth.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been traveling recently and a lot of traveling since Jan 1st. Lot of traveling means lot of restless night, lot of hard work and got tanned a Little when i traveled for a fun Trip.So first 15 days of the year, each day to remember 😉.

But let me show you the fun side and that ends my trip as of now.This is my first batch team i trained for new location and begin my process with them successfully, my first transition Experience ☺️.This is the troop i joined for a trip with my wife and the newly wed couple to the location called OotyThis is the founder in a Garden 😁 don’t look for flowers 🤪 you’ll hardly find one.With Darling Co founder in the same Garden 😋 with pretty flowers. Found one in Pink top?

This is a silent lake before…

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