Another year…another year.


The Evolution of New Year’s celebrations.

Age 10:  Light the sparklers.

Sparklers: Hotter, more dangerous than they seem ...

Age 20:  Sparkling fireworks followed by large quantities of alcohol.

28 New Year Party In Bangalore (Venues & Events): Start ...

Age 30:  Taking your children to fireworks.

Age 40:  Keeping your dog from running off during fireworks.

Age 50:  Trying in vain to keep your 20 year old from partying at New Years.

Age 60:  Turn on music, close the windows, curl up with your dog, and hope the B@$tards stop blasting fireworks before 1:00am.

By age 70, you and your dog are too deaf to hear the fireworks, you’re in bed by 9:00pm and you don’t give a rat’s buttocks that the Earth has revolved around the sun once again during the past billion years.

No new year’s resolutions.  Just one wish for all who read this post: