Error***Christmas brain freeze***Error

The weather outside is….well, 76F. For my friends north of the US, and other parts of the world, that’s almost 25C.

Yes.  I’m wearing long sleeves.

The way my brain has been working the past few months, you’d think it must be -40 outside.  You don’t want to see what I look like in that kind of weather.

Minnesota in Winter is as close as I want to get to this:

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My BAID (My, but alas I digress)

During the holidays, I might get one or two notifications from WordPress, so I thought, “Everyone is out for the holidays, that’s typical.”

Yesterday, there were 5 emails and none from WordPress.

“Why?” My mind screamed out.  “What did I do to deserve this?  Does most of the world hate Sarcasm, writers and cats?”

Maybe WordPress did yet another reset of something somewhere that I will never understand how to use?

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Anyone with email understands how easy it is to foo-bar something when your mind is on other things.  But why couldn’t I see it when

  • Annette’s Angel messages didn’t show up for 3 days,
  • I wasn’t notified that Chris the Reading Ape had posted,
  • Sally didn’t come to visit my in-box,
  • Sadji, Simon, Jadi, and HellOnWheels were nowhere to be found,
  • Katzenworld disappeared off the face of the Earth,
  • and for heaven’s sake, where was the bluebird of bitterness!

These, among others I love to puruse, were AWOL.  

And then, this morning, it hit me!  (Actually, it’s Saturday, the day I clean out two of my folders)

Operator Error strikes again!

I was cleaning out the spam folder and said, “What the Hell?”

That’s where the notifications from friends, family, wordpress, and Amazon were hiding.

Lecture me all you want about checking the READER, but I want to go to the website directly from email, not click on the “like” 30 times in one minute and go to the next victim.

Sooooo….  If you hadn’t heard from me, now you know I’ve been writing and trying hard to destroy what’s left of my computer.


Remember, I learned to type on this:

Underwood Manual Typewriter | eBay

Enough said.