Slivered bells….Slivered bells….It’s Catsmas time for the kitty.

In honor of the fact that the cats just finished off the giblets.

I guess you could say, “They gotta lotta guts.”

Christmas Memes – Filled to the brim with festive gags ...

…and no knowledge of punctuation.

Christmas Meme Set #1 – 2017 – Dust Off The Bible

If you have a cat, you don’t want this in your house:

50 Hilarious Christmas Memes | Bored Panda

We return from the 1970’s to bring you this special message:

A Grumpy Cat Christmas | Sarach & Stefith

Both of my cats are sleeping.  One is on the kitchen counter and the other is on top of the freezer.

Didn’t you know that Christmas cookies aren’t the same without cat hair?

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The cats, however, are in denial.

Lawyer cat has a good argument…

Coon cat, who departed this world a year ago, would like to pass along a message for HalloThanksChristmakka:


Slivered bells…Slivered bells….

It’s Catmas time for the Kitty. 

Ring-a-ling….watch them swing…

Your lovely tree is now toast.