Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Cats, Dogs and Decorating

I love a gorgeous Christmas tree — if it’s still planted in the yard — surrounded with tiny outdoor lights in soft colors that don’t blink.

Every year, millions of trees are cut down to adorn our homes for a few weeks, and then thrown to the curb awaiting trash pickup. 

We probably kill more fir trees between Thanksgiving and Christmas than a bolt of lightning hitting a drought plagued mountainside.

But there is another source of Christmas fear cheer only someone who is owned by a cat or dog understands.

This is the time of year when you find that the neatly wrapped presents have morphed into piles of paper littering the floor — with the tree piled on top.

In honor of the reasons why I don’t have a Christmas tree, I bring you this:  

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And here are two other reasons I don’t have a Christmas tree in my house:

  1.  I have the decorating skills of a blind goat.

Holiday Expectations vs. Reality (7 Pics)

2.  No one seems to think about one fact:  What goes up, must come down — with or without the help of a cat, dog, or hyperactive 4-year-old.

My desk is decorated with 2 cats, and my entire house is decorated by 6 dogs.

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Did I mention that I have the decorating skills of a tornado?

Skull/skeleton Christmas Tree! | Skull Christmas Tree ...


Feline Navidog everyone!