Me:  The light is too bright.

Hubby:  I’m sick of your light sensitivity.

Me:  I’ve been sick of it for decades.

The inside of our house:

Trek to Pandava Caves on Karol Tibba | Weekend Treks

He has a strange sense of humor.  He’d probably rig this thing to spray out cat hair:

Well…at least he’s not this guy:

Funny Washing Dishes Memes of 2017 on SIZZLE | Cute

His favorite thing to say is:


At first, I was hurt.  Then when I saw all the talents he had (many include getting greasy) I said, “Yipee!  More time to write!”

His second favorite thing to say is:


Did I mention I’m a writer?

Hubby: Tomorrow I’m going…

Me:  I’ll have to change that paragragh where Roy is talking to…

Hubby: What do you think?

Me: About what?

Hubby: You never listen.

Me:  I didn’t hear what you said.  Hmmm… maybe Roy should shave in that scene…

Hubby: (yelling):  Tomorrow I’m going to shave the dog.  What do you think?

Me:  It’s winter, not a good time to shave a dog.

Hubby: Bathe!  I said Bathe! 

Me:   Yes, Roy, you should bathe. 

Hubby: Who is Roy?

Sometimes, you just have to wonder about men. 

But this is probably closer to the truth: