Senseless Weekend Sarcasm: Really bad poetry Zen

Ever get tired of all things but life,

the unneeded drama, conflict and strife?

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Waking up groggy,Β  you walk t’ward the mirror,

seeing a monster you shudder in terror.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Funny Quotes. QuotesGram

The thing staring at you has wrinkles like prunes,

and teeth that remind you of Rome’s ancient ruins.


PESSIMISTS Have Their Alarm Clocks Set for 7 a M OPTIMIST ...

You dream of a day when you need no alarm,

too poor to experience luxury’s arms.

Chuck's Fun Page 2: Geezer Planet Cartoons {PG13 rated}

When will life start and the “happy” begin?

When “body” means nothing, and love never ends?

Kitchen Fire, Pneumonia, Feeling Helpless & Finding My Zen

The moment of oneness that comes from within,

after cleaning with lysol, you’ve still achieved Zen.