Senseless Not-Fired-Yet Sarcasm : Work

No, it’s not an eye-catching, glamorous title.

Had it been, “How women view work,” that might be a better one.

But I don’t need the protestation replies when I’m in the middle of a doubt fest.

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Sleeping from 10:00pm to 4:00 in the morning.  Again.  It was, quite literally, a two-dog night in North Florida. 

I’ve been sitting on my hands to warm up, and now my butt is cold. But a least I can type.

You’ve seen the jokes about Floridians.

Most of them are true.

Yes, we do wear sweaters when the temperature is less than 75F.

Yes, when people up north have their A/C at 50F and they’re still sweating, we’re bundled into down coats (no — a jacket doesn’t cover all the necessary spots).

But, aside from the nightmare I was having about living in Northern Alaska, there was the usual:


  • saying the wrong thing,
  • doing the wrong thing,
  • missing a deadline,
  • perseverating over minutia,
  • being me,
  • things I haven’t thought about yet — but give me time and I can find 100 that will make your eyes roll.

GALS:  OMG!  I started my lunch hour 2 minutes early.  I’ll be fired for sure!

GUYS:  I’m too good at my job to be fired, and nothing can hurt me.  “Hey, y’all, watch this!”

Why women live longer than men | DeStefano & Chamberlain, Inc.

The internet went out when I was writing this post — at 4 in the morning.  I’m back from work and it’s almost 6:00pm.

Not fired yet.

But there’s always tomorrow.

I suppose it could be worse — I could be this guy:

Oh lord, somebody's getting fired. Personally, I think he ...

No butts about it, this guy is in deep doo-doo.