Hypocrisy in motion

Okay… (I say that word a lot.  I think it’s the new “you know” or possibly a substitute for the “F” word).


Rarely do I watch TV. 

Unless I’m in someone’s house, who has the most recent episodes of ANYTHING, the stuff I watch is old.  

There’s one thing in common with all the action series I’ve yawned through.

The hero slices through 1000 men in masks, gets to the villain, who just killed 100,000 people with a bomb, and his side-kick says, “You can’t kill that man.  If you do, you’ll become just like him!”

So — murder is all right if they’re minor characters, but you can’t kill the reason they existed?

What are the 1000 he sliced and diced to get to the guy who will break out of jail next season to kill 100,000 more — Action figures?

Get real, Hollywood?

What am I saying?  How does one talk sense into… this?








Every time I watch TV, I wonder the same thing, “Why am I wasting my time?”

And don’t get me started on movies!

Is there not an original thought out there?  Hollywood can’t even do the remakes right!

What’s next?  Charlie’s Angel’s in a nursing home sneaking out at night to keep the world safe from purse snatchers?  Or maybe we can have another round of Starsky and Hutch, but this time they’ll be in rocket launcher wheelchairs saving Wal-Mart from people who can’t stay on one side of the aisle?

I know — a remake of 2001 A Space Odyssey!  The monolith didn’t awaken yet and now, with our high-tech gear, we will tear it apart and know the secrets of the universe.  HAL will be renamed PAL (short for Pitiful And Lame).

That is probably why I write so D@^$&d much.