Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Nope…just…NOPE!

Things found on social media that are just one, giant, NOPE!

Nope, this isn’t hard at all!  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times:  I’ll cross that bridge when it burns behind me.

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It’s such a sad, sad world when your hero gives up.

Can I get a triple NOPE NOPE NOPE for this travesty!   Amazon sold this shirt and pulled it after the ensuing outrage.  They missed a great way to rid the world of pedophiles: Trace the B@$tards who bought it and jail them! 

‘Daddy’s Little Slut’ kid’s shirt pulled from Amazon amid backlash

I can’t imagine the horror of going through this!  After two days without chocolate, hell…I’ve lost my mind

You don’t want me to sing.  Another giant NOPE

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And at the end of this senseless sarcasm post, is my Christmas message.  Why?  Because Santa looked at my life took away my presents, and said, “Nope.”

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