The 2 a.m. wake-up cat strikes again.

He looks so serene, sleeping on yesterday’s mail.    

So far, I’ve had 5 hours sleep.  He usually awakens me at 3 a. m., but due to the ridiculousness of fall-back time, where you have to turn the clock back an hour, he awakened me at 2.

Both our inner clocks are foobarred.

My clock is set for 7:15 a.m., and he usually waits until 7:14 in the morning before I’m purred upon by his royal hind-ass (yes, that “word” IS in one of my books, and now you don’t have to wonder why).

As any cat slave knows, once cute-and-cuddly strikes, you’re snuggling and petting until s/he decides it’s time for breakfast.  

It could be worse, I suppose.  I could’ve been stuck with this cat

Monday, no Tuesday - Melissa McClone

Me, for about a month after Daylight Slaving time, or fall-back torture:

8 "fall back" memes that say how we really feel - FOX 47 ...

My cat, after the time change:

We want ONE TIME ALL YEAR!!!!!

Do us all a favor!  Compromise. 

Instead of springing forward from 8 to 9,  or falling back from 9 to 8,

set every clock in the world to 8:30.

Problem solved.