Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Busy

I wanted to give you my opinion on various things you have no desire to hear about, but — alas — there is no time.

All I can do is share a few senselessly funny memes and then get back to work.

Yes, I’m working on the weekend — both days.  I’d say that I’m doing so to save my sanity, but I fear it’s going to drive me nuts.

In fact, I think I’m seeing things — like potatoes coming to life.

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Never thought of stalkers this way, but…

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I can say this about 3 of the 5 times I “went to the altar.”  There was no wedding cake for #5 — must be the reason we’re still together.

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Wish I could come up with these pithy sayings when they’re needed the most.

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This would never work where I live.  We haven’t had a child trick or treat at our house in 26 years, much less the parents who might be looking for cheap Christmas gifts, but for everyone who does…

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Yep…this is good enough for my car repairs:

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I think this can be said about my brain — at least for today.

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The last time I was in Dollar General, I kept staring at someone in line who was 4 feet tall and wondered:  Is that a man, a woman, or a child dressed as an old person for halloween? S/he kept staring at me — probably wondering about my gender, too.  I’d say, “Hey, numbnut, these pancakes are stuffed into a 32 D!”  But you can buy fake boobs.

That’s it — I’m outta here.  Gotta work (at getting some sleep).