Annoying sayings

Sarcasm alert.

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Sayings that never made sense to me:

  1. Well!   I never…            Anyone who says that probably has lived a sheltered life.
  2. I can’t…I just can’t…    Finish a thought or a sentence.
  3. We’ll see…                    Used in an argument when one person thinks the other one is too obtuse to understand and needs to have Karma explain it better.
  4. That’s the way it’s always been done…        Do I really have to explain this one?  We’d never have the airbus with that kind of thinking.   Hmmm…that might not be the best example. I’ve ridden in the middle of an airbus for 10 hours.  It’s like being in the center seat at a crowded movie theater, but with less room.

The Runner up is: “I think so.”   The landmine of sayings.  One word describes it’s nefarious purpose:  “disclaimer.”  If you take what was said as an affirmative answer, and it was wrong, you’re the one who’s liable.

I supposed in 200 years, no one will understand what this means, either:

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….just sayin’



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