Life : Iran it my way

I’m awake, after dreaming about trying to buy a soda in Iran.    

Then I was on a train, and I was off the train, stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Except there was a McDonalds and all they spoke in the place was Farsi (Persian by any other name).

So, what does one do in dream world when one is stuck at a McDonalds? 

One orders a happy meal.

Hint:  You can supersize for $45.

So, after that fiasco,  I’m going to write some bad poetry about the experience.



I’m dead

You’re dead


My dog wants food. Now!

Didn’t give him what he wants

Iran far instead.

My cat sleeps

My cat eats

I clean up the crap.


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I told you it was bad. 

Did you know that in dream world Iranian soda tastes like water?  That’s not the worst of it.  I refused to pay and had to run for my life after telling them I’d rather buy Chinese Food in Botswana. 

Dreams:  The brain’s mental garbage dump. 

I’m beginning to wonder why my brain is mad at me. Maybe it doesn’t like the cherry coke I insisted on drinking last night.

That’s all I need, a brain with a sense of dark humor who makes ME the brunt of the joke.

I’d yell out, “It’s not fair!”  But I’m laughing too hard.