Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Lazy

I’m lazy again this week.  All I’m going to post are sarcastic memes, and I’m going to do it on Saturday.

Do you know how many times people have driven in tandem when there are two lanes going the same direction?

Then I find out that magical pilots have the same problem.  This one doesn’t have the skill of weaving in and out of traffic down to the wire.

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With the world approaching 8 billion people, it makes me think there’s some common sense in this meme.  Unfortunately, when people drive badly, they tend to take other people with them who deserve to stay in the gene pool.

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Who made me judge and jury?  Every person in existence.  We’re all judge and jury most of us just don’t admit it.

These are the people my mother warned me about.  If this doesn’t make you see red, you must be color blind.

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Life doesn’t have to be overcomplicated by such mundane tasks as cooking. 

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Do what I do — make a huge amount of tuna casserole, or stew, or chicken and rice, or meatloaf and potatoes, or shepard’s pie on Saturday, and eat the same thing every night all week.  Want variety?  That’s what potato chips are for.

We all know how horrible businesses have become these days.  I doesn’t pay to go out an eat.  Pigeon’s don’t know cars from meatloaf.

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And last, I’m taking one last shot at planned obsolescence,

We’ve lost our minds. 

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