Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Disenergetic

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I love making up words.  When my energy is spent, I feel dis-energetic.  

Now that you know my present energy level is that of a 100 year old on life support, I’ll tell you why.

Yesterday, I did laundry:   4 blankets, one load of towels, more clothes than any one person should own, and…I’m just not remembering what else was thrown into the washer at the moment.  While the duds suds, I was editing 40 pages so I can send book 3 for final edits to my editor.

Then there was vacuuming, and last — after sitting at the computer wondering what I’d forgotten — I almost burned a chocolate cake.

Did I mention giving a 50 pound dog a bath?  He has to be lifted into the tub and it takes all the yoga & wrestling I can do to keep him there while I wash him.

It looks something like this:

5 WWE Superstars Who Need New Finishers |

So, in light of the fact that I’m experiencing a sarcasm chasm, here are a few memes found on social media:

Today, I think I resemble this remark:

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No…it’s called a mushroom, as Vegans don’t seem to have any morels. 

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One of the many reasons that Mr. Spock will always be a favorite.   

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It takes skill to deliver sarcasm.  This is a trait that one must have in order to do it well. 

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From the land of the brain freeze and home of the depraved.  You had to know this one was coming:

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Now THAT’s what I call SoarCatsm.

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Well — if you didn’t laugh at least once during this post, I haven’t done my job.  

So….I’ll leave you with this thought:  If you were offended, but laughed anyway, then I have excelled — at least once — at the art of sarcasm.

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