Just a quick announcement

HOLDING THE LINES:  The First Level of Hell

Book 2 in my series…

…is published!


If you like my Senseless Sunday Sarcasm, you’ll like ATTO RUN and HOLDING THE LINES. Both books overflow with dark humor and, yes, sarcasm. 


Take the equivalent of a human 12-year old, then do something so insane it defies imagination. Stick this child on a world inhabited by the galactic version of violent, voracious army ants, give him a lab, and allow him to create a new species.

What do you get?

A very unhappy human mammal.

“I’m 9 months pregnant.  I’m miserable.  Why don’t they come out?”

“I had to slow their growth.  They’re due in September.”

“September!!!”  Alma yelled.  “I’m going to be pregnant for a year?”

This is the alien’s life, unappreciated, unloved, and constantly holding the lines between governments, the Ryatto clan, their employees, and his mother who rules the galaxy. She just wants to destroy Earth and get it over with.

What could go wrong?