Wednesday sarcasm

Yes.  It’s Wednesday.  

No. I don’t have anything important enough to write about.  But that never stopped me.

Some weeks the days melt into one another.  This weeks gooey mix of ice cream on concrete:

  • Every meeting except one was cancelled 5 minutes after it was supposed to start.
  • The one meeting I did have was with someone stressed to the limit with an impossible workload.

So — the person who had a great excuse to cancel didn’t, and the people who forgot to do what they were supposed to do cancelled. 

There is only one possible explanation:  She considered that being grilled for information over a 3-hour period was a break compared to her job.

I don’t want to believe that being in a meeting with me for two hours is one notch below dying from pancreatic cancer, but the evidence is there.

So today, I do the Monday mundane parts of the job, like filing.  Lots and lots of filing.

Perhaps I’ll call the dentist and see if I can get a tooth filled instead.



©Joelle (no excuses) LeGendre