Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Hypocrisy

I love that word.  It’s so crispy and chop, shy, pry, and “hypos I cry” when torn apart, twisted and contorted beyond recognition.

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Hypocrisy is…

“Save the environment” uttered by someone in an SUV who commutes 50 miles a day, and needs the A/C down to 70F for a sprawling 2-story home in Florida.

“We must keep people safe” uttered by someone with road rage who knows vehicular accidents are the 3rd leading cause of death.

“Haters gotta hate,” uttered by Antifa.

“You’re raising your children wrong,” uttered by someone whose children ended up in jail or on welfare while yours are a college professor and a dynamite sales manager.

Well…maybe the last one isn’t quite “hypocrisy” but once in a while I have to gloat.

Politicians take hypocrisy to a new level.  Socialism good, capitalism bad, says the man who made over a million dollars on a book.  If he lives long enough to become president, this could be  his motto.

Hypocrisy is…

“I can have 3 houses, a book deal and be rich, but…”

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We pass down the legacy of hypocrisy through each generation.  Tell me one person this has never happened to…

It has to be worse when you’re raising a politician

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And lastly…

Hypocrisy is a parent who works at a job he hates while giving this response to a child

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I’m going to bed now and you should do the same — even if you live in Turkey and it’s the middle of the day instead of midnight.