99 word prompt : Greatest Gift

September 12, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the greatest gift. Answer it as if it were a question, or show what it could be. Go where the prompt leads you!

If you want to participate, here’s the link:   CARROT RANCH




I’ve been asked the question before and the answer changes according to my age.

“What is the greatest gift you’ve received?”

Age 5:    The doll I wanted

10 Most Expensive Barbies | Greatest Collectibles

Age 15:  GoGo Boots

Age 25:  Son

Age 27:  Daughter

Age 36:  A bachelor’s degree

Age 46:  Enlightenment

Age 54:  The perfect part-time job

Age 63:  Holding my first published book in my hands

Age 67:  My first office with a window


Age 69:  Doing a yoga headstand and carrying a gallon of milk with my pinkie finger.


Health, it seems, is the greatest gift.  For without it nothing else is possible.