Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : remember


This is my life.

Therapy through unsubscribe

Junk email unsubscribe

If you want to call it that.

I am a woman on a mission!  Over the past 6 months, the number of email in my inbox went from 400 to 4000 and I’ve spent the past day weeding out the trash and compartmentalizing everything else….

  • Friends and Family
  • Editor
  • Receipts/business
  • Work
  • Writing

…just to find that I needed an extra folder:   Dead ppl I want to remember.

Yes, there are no fewer than 200 email from people who died too young and those who lasted longer than I expected.

I’m considering a few other folders:

  • Ppl I thought were friends
  • Possible lawsuits
  • Lying B@$tards
  • I have no idea why I’m saving these
  • Ppl who wanted something and I said no

Or, possibly, all five could go into one folder called:  Just in case.

Going through 4000 email reminds me of just how much my life has changed.

  1.  New Book Coming Out
  2. So much help, so much hope.  I’m going to be a published author.
  3. Emails from bloggers who have come and gone from my life
  4. Family crises
  5. Traveling I wanted to do
  6. Traveling I didn’t want to do.
  7. Can we please have a do-over of 2019
  8. Editorial nightmares
  9. Good god, will it take an act of congress to get book 2 into paperback?!!

And, yes, all those emails from people who died and I didn’t know about it until a year later.

How did I find out they were no longer out there?

Facebook.  Nothing you put onto FB ever dies.  When someone who has been posting every day for 10 years suddenly stops, you know there’s a problem.  But it’s the “We’re going to miss her” posts two months later that make it plain to anyone with a brain:  Ghosts don’t type.


©Joelle (I hate filing) LeGendre