Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Somethin’ or Nothin’

I got nothin’

That’s what people say when their mind goes blank.

Presently, I have the opposite problem:  Kelly Bundy syndrome…

FULL BRAIN SYNDROME | nudge. wink. report.

“Daddy…my brain is full!”

…or what is otherwise known as:


The stories just won’t stop long enough for me to type them out!  

People have asked, “Why not dictate them into the computer and watch the words appear as you speak?”

When I’m nervous or excited, I can still type this:

The words, “I love you,” mean nothing until a mind whispers, “Please let me in.” 

The excitement you felt when he first touched your hand, how easily he caressed every secret and accepted you as his own…

No, child; you know not the meaning until your thoughts intermingle and Love becomes…we.  

If I tried to say it, you’d get this:

Saying I love you doesn’t mean anything until…what’s that thing called again…you know (pointing to my head) what’s in here?  Oh…the mind.  When it whispers love…no, that’s not right.  What was I saying?

Yes.  I admit it.  There’s a briar patch inside my brain that could shred Peter Rabbit into meat spaghetti.

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The dyslexic’s mantra

People who used to write books using quill and paper amaze me.  Typing 90 words per minute is slow enough, but how many of us can write a complete sentence without spell check or using the backspace key?

There are good things about typing every day for most of my life.   I can lift a gallon of milk with my pinkie finger!

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While my brain is Russian rushing around like a tornado on Meth, my fingers are tapping while the cat is napping.

If you look closely, you’ll see my post is on the screen.  Moments after I took that picture, he whapped my keyboard with a paw and did this:   -0[-pl=9i-i]=7.

Maybe he was a mathematician in another life?



©Joelle (cat math sucks) LeGendre