Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Poop for Thought

This has been a fast-paced weekend.  I had to bleach the floors, clean bedding in bleach, and other housework I’d rather forget. Otherwise, the $266 I gave to the veterinarian for 4 medications and a diagnosis of yeast on my dog would be for naught.

That was the yeast of my worries.  Then it rained, and dogs who hate getting their dainty feet wet pooped on the floor.

Ergo, more cleaning while shouting bad words like, “Shoot, durn dogs!”

Yes, I was that angry.

Speaking of things I’d rather forget.  

Here are Joelle’s thoughts for today, accentuated by stolen memes.

I’m concerned about men today.  Ladies, who would you rather date?



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A cave man in pink


A man who knows how to horse around.

What has the world come to when we have to treat people like injured pest pets?


Most of us learn this lesson the hard way early in life:

And some people never learn

This is one of the reasons why Earth was cursed with circular thinking…

…and some of us create delusional dreams that a hurricane can take out in minutes.

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Therapy can always be found in a cup.

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My advice is to get a dog..

That’s my advice for today. Excuse me while I feed that cat.  He likes a bit of warm water stirred in with his food, but not shaken.


©Joelle (gone to the dogs, owned by the cat) LeGendre