The most overused word

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Once upon a time, I would tell people, “If you can’t get through a sentence without saying you know 10 times, please don’t speak to me!”

At least that was 2 words in a row.

And now?  The most overused word has 4 letters, starts with F, and rhymes with truck.

Every time the word assaults my ears 20 times in 5 sentences I keep wondering if we’ve just discovered the world’s best IQ test.

I don’t have a lot of faith in the ones presently used.  They’re supposed to test your verbal intelligence and what I like to call, “The other one.”

No two IQ tests are alike, and scores can vary.  The first one I took was administered by a college student in a room with a white table and fluorescent lights.  That was a disaster.  The second one was 25 points higher, and the third was 9 points higher than that.

Did I mention that was the verbal IQ?  The other one hovered between 30 and 40 points lower  — and that’s why the nice man at disabled student services tested me for a learning disability.  In a nutshell, this was the result:

  • Verbal IQ:   Graduate school level
  • The other one:  Elementary school

It means that “The other one” can’t be used against me to determine my intelligence, but I would just love to see another test added to the mix.

Grey Alien

We need a test for social/emotional intelligence, and I have just the way to measure it!

For the last test, the participant has to wait in a room with a one-way window.  The window inexplicably becomes translucent.  The tester appears to be talking with an alien (a grey one would do nicely). 

And then…

a grey hand appears to reach through the window and the number of times the test subject screams the F word is recorded.

The higher the number, the lower score s/he gets for social/emotional intelligence.

See?  Wasn’t that easy?

There is a simpler way to test IQ.  Just ask.

This is the 5 finger test for intelligence taught to me by a psychologist.  You can ask someone to raise the number of fingers that represents their IQ:

  • 1 finger  = below normal
  • 2 fingers = normal
  • 3 fingers = above average
  • 4 fingers = bright but no genius
  • 5 fingers = genius

I raised 3 1/2 fingers.  Apparently, that doesn’t count.

Most people pick the right number of fingers, except the ones that are insane.  

Turns out, he was insane.

But remember:  Just because he’s crazy doesn’t mean he’s wrong.


©Joelle (too smart for my own good) LeGendre