Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Grate sayings, and other meaningless stuff

This is my cat. Really. Yes, he’s the one that managed to walk over my keyboard, erase an entire book, save it and shut down my computer. Thank you RESTORE god.  

Some days, my brain goes into overdrive.  Today is one of those days.  It is entertaining itself by thinking of things that sound impressive but are absolutely meaningless

  • We have nothing to lose but loss
  • 5 fingers equal a hand
  • to give you must have
  • one good deed has nothing to do with the other
  • if the cat got your tongue, what the hell were you thinking sticking out your tongue at a cat
  • Toxic waste dumps of the mind.

It’d tell it to stop, but this is just too entertaining.

You know me — or maybe you don’t.  One of my favorite wastes of time is to put weird requests into search engines.  I just put in the following:

Brain in overdrive meme

Here are a few vignettes of worthlessness I’ve gathered:

The usual 

Wackos Gallery

The ridiculous

positive lady characters meme (power rangers... : power ...

The pathetic

[Image - 542802] | Happy friday the 13th, Know your meme ...

And last, but not least….

25+ Best Memes About Doing Laundry | Doing Laundry Memes

That’s what I did all day Saturday.  Laundry.

It’d throw a pathetic party, but I’m afraid of what might show up

85 Best Pathetic Pelosi! images | Liberal logic ...

I’ll take laundry over politicians any day.

Tomorrow is scrabble day.  I missed it last week.  In fact, I missed my SIL last week as much as I missed scrabble. We have lunch, and force the letters to make sense while we discuss anything except…

Poli = Many (latin) Ticks = NMiBloodsucking ...

Some days it’s best to forget this inconvenient truth:

The Nothing Report

 Good night, and once again may the farce be with you…

I would pay good money for a set of folding chairs that ...