Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : the claws in my contract

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This sums up my entire week


Welcome to Florida this train wreck called 2019….now GO HOME.

Oh… wait.  We’re all stuck on this train.  Some of us are sitting in the engine, and the lucky ones are still on the part that hasn’t derailed and is now burning to ash.  Where am I?  In the passenger’s section that’s just behind the coal car.

 I’ve been having nightmares, like the one I just awoke from.  I was living in a country under the control of a derailed deranged emperor who created so many senseless laws that you were going to break one whether you wanted to or not.  I was just about to be tortured by cats clawing me to death when I awoke.  

I petted the cat that claws my neck when I’m sound asleep, reassured the dog who just peed on my bed shortly after I screamed, and headed directly for the computer.  I’m too tired to care about the wounds to my neck and my pride at this moment.  

Frankly, I can do without having to take days off work that I can’t afford to miss.

Mental health day?  Hah!

I need a positive health day.  Then again — the strep test came back positive.   Positive thinking only goes so far.  What I need is a negative health day!

Or possibly a do-over of 2019.

Is there such a thing as POSITIVE TANKING?


I love all swords of positive thinking. It was knife to meet you.

I’m going back to bed, and this time, I’m putting a towel over my neck.

My cat just reminded me of the agreement that cats have with their human slaves.


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Nice try, but you’ve failed to look at the claws in this contract,