Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Offended

In 1968, I wrote this on the back of a sweatshirt (except that I used “I’m” instead):

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Therefore, you cannot call me racist, crazy, or any other word overused word that has completely lost it’s meaning.

What?  You don’t remember when someone who raced a car was called a racist? 


You probably don’t remember this, either:

Today, I’ve decided to be offended by EVERYTHING!

For it is better to be offended by offenses, than mend fenses that weren’t worded correctly.

I’m offended that I don’t look like THIS in the mirror

Beautiful Woman Looking Mirror Wall Sticker Pattern Vinyl ...

I’m offended that the only time my cat wants to be near me is when he’s sick

…or hungry

I’m offended that I have to buy a ticket to win the lottery.

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Here is my advice to people who are offended by anything they don’t agree with and call you names that have lost all meaning through overuse!

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And as a reminder…

If you’re looking for an apology, this is all you’re going to get from me - Sorry I Annoyed You With My Friendship

Am I always right?  H-e-double-L NO!  But at this moment in time, here’s how I feel about apologizing to people who are easily offended:

So please…if you’re offended by the fact that I’m alive and don’t agree with every little tiny aspect of your political/religious, etc., belief system, just remember this

If you’re offended by this, please feel free to move on to a different plane of existence:


And I can tell you without a doubt that Betty White would NOT be offended by this:


Betty White, my sarcasm hero!

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So please….go forth and be defended offended!

I’ll be laughing all the way to the ____________(blank).