The insanity era

I think that the first few decades after the year 2000 will be known as the INSANITY error ERA

This is $260 at Sacks Fifth Avenue:

When I was a kid, those jeans would’ve been in the trash the moment they were off my body.   Unless, of course, this was my family:

“Street Arabs” (the Victorian Term Used for Homeless/Poor ...

This is what kids wore when I was in school!

1969 Fashion Illustrations McCalls … | Fashion | Fashi…

Refined!  Elegant!  And the hairstyles were to dye for.

Hairstyles for women these days are insane, while men grow beards that hold more bacteria inside them than a vulture’s diarrhea…

Famous Women Sprout Beards. Part 2 (48 pics) - Picture #14 ...

Beards…because without them, you can no longer tell the men from the women.

….women walk around like THIS:

Indifferent Shaved Hairstyles for Women

….In 20 years, this picture might be used as a tool for extortion.


And then there are the people who think you can change your gender simply by “identifying” as the opposite sex.  

There’s this thing called XX and XY.  It doesn’t lie.  XX is female. Period.  XY is male and comes with a dickhead.

There really are conditions that come with extra X’s and Y’s

XYY is…  

PPT - Chromosomal Variations PowerPoint Presentation - ID ...

XXY is….

DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, and Cells - ppt video online download

Believe me when I tell you this.  No one wants an extra X or Y.  With the extras come a string of developmental disabilities, physical abnormalities, and sterility.

THIS is common sense: 

  • If your sex organs hang outside the body, go to the men’s room.
  • If your sex organs are inside the body, go to the women’s room.
  • If you were born with a little of this and a little of that, it called hermaphroditism.  1 in 100 people are born this way (aka 1% of the population).  When it’s discovered, most continue to identify with whatever is hanging outside or tucked into the interior.

Personally, I’d rather forgo the argument over who can to into which bathroom and have individual closet-sized bathrooms that look like this.

Japanese toilet/sink? | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I have a confession to make:  I have, in the past — one time, used a men’s bathroom.  A guy stood outside to tell other men not to go inside.  It was certainly better than peeing my pants, but I did wonder that day how many venereal diseases were swimming around in places where men had missed the bowl. 

This is a yoga position called “the chair.” 

Chair Yoga Flow | By Kristie Belliston | The Belly Fit Club

The day I was forced to use the men’s room, I was stuck in that position hoping my legs would not touch the toilet bowl.  After a long, long, long, time, I rolled out enough TP to find some that was totally dry,  dabbed my delicate parts by folding it over and using what was in the interior, and zipped up my shorts.  I then took a paper towel, and used it to open the door.

Hypocrisy aside, you have to admit that paying $260 for a pair of trashed jeans is insane.