Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : UnCreativity

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I feel about as creative as plastic cheese on white bread.

All my dreams of a universe in harmony vanished during my time in California.  I was going to do soooooooooo much work and come back to the office triumphant in the knowledge that I’d only be a few days behind.

My first bit of bad luck happened when I found out the woman assigned to take up some of the slack for me was on vacation the first week of July.  How dare she NOT know 6 months ago, when she asked for the entire week off, that I was going to have a family emergency during that time!

But never fear — there were other things I could do to make up for it!

At the pinnacle of my satisfaction at circumventing Murphy’s Law, I turned on my computer and was met with an image looking worse than this:

How To: Repair LCD & LED Computer Monitor White Screen ...

If you require a better visual — imagine you have a thin piece of material with tiny black and white horizontal stripes.  Put it over the screen staring an inch from the top.  Then watch as said stripes get darker, lighter, and squiggle around at the worst possible time.

It makes me wonder if perhaps my computer was a Zebra with Tourette’s in another life?

I considered naming my computer Alita — its parts have been replaced so many times, the only thing that originally came from the factory is the hard drive.

But it insists on being called Toshiba.   Why?  Because every time the screen is replaced that’s the name slathered all over it.

Toshiba Satellite L355 - Review of the Toshiba Satellite L355

Last time it decided to die, it needed a new keyboard along with the screen.  This time, I got lucky.

Not only am I behind at work, it’s been like this all week:

17 Best images about Accounting on Pinterest | Memes humor ...,.

Once I find the creativity presently buried under piles of paperwork, I’ll let you know.  Until then, can someone please pass the Velveeta?