Senseless Monday Sarcasm : jet slug

After jet lag, there’s jet slug.

You know what I mean — the time between believing 9 in the morning is still 6 and thinking it’s 7:00am instead.

My body is so far out of sync, I was petting the cat and saying, “Good Dog.”

Since when did this:

become this?

Since I arrived home and wondered, “Why am I here? Who are these lizards?”

Traveling between

  • the land of earthquakes, mummy inducing dryness, cactus and self-imposed prisons, to/from
  • the land of hurricanes, 100% humidities, torrential rain, and stand your ground

take’s it’s toll on a person.

Once I recover, I’ll return to writing books.  Perhaps I’ll find my inner optomist again, writhing around somewhere inside me.  With my luck, she’s still behind bars in California dreaming of StarButts Mocha Crapuchino’s.

Personally, I prefer their Chai heart attack Crapuchino.  That whipped cream is to die for.

And with that, I’ll pet the cat, and — perchance — to dream of living in a place where there are no @$$holes.

Unfortunately, if I moved to an island to live by myself, there would stil be one @$$hole to contend with.



© Joelle (It takes one to know one) LeGendre