Stuck between a budding migraine and jet lag

I’m home again.

Walked through the door and into the stench of the century.

That’s what happens when you live with a man who thinks that cleaning once a year is sufficient.

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Spent the day taking migraine medication, cleaning, checking email, cleaning, petting dogs and cats, taking stuff out of luggage, and…yes…CLEANING.

In all fairness, he was doing double duty, and something had to “give.”  The 4-footed food vacuums were fed, kitty was taken care of, and he did order another laptop for me when mine tried to die.  So I can’t complain too much.

To say that I’m a bit out-of-it is an understatement.  It’s midnight and it feels like 9:00 pm.  

When I first arrived in California, 9:00pm felt like midnight.  And, according to my inner time clock, it was.

This twist of the brain cells is NOT FUN!

Funny?  Possibly…given enough time.  Right now, it’s like being on a roller coaster with a loop in it that I can’t get off of.

On the bright side, I can still lift 50 pounds — up to my knees.  In order to weigh the duffle bag (aka “luggage”) holding everything I was bringing back from California, I stepped onto the scale and weighed in at 103.4 pounds.  153 pounds while holding the duffle bag.  Of course, when I arrived at the airport, my better half threw it over his shoulder as if it were nothing more than a rag.

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Every time I have a headache, the man who can’t hold a rag to clean with it says, “I can cure it with a crainiectomy.”  

Some days, the permanent cure is much too compelling.

Perhaps by Sunday, I’ll feel like dispensing sarcasm, but for now, I’ll leave you with this thought:  In California, Gas is $4.02 a gallon, while in the sane world it’s $2.54.

No…that’s too depressing.  I’ll leave you with another thought instead.

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One day, I’ll understand why I find that so D@#*$d funny.