I wrote this in 2014 and it’s still true today.

I swore that I was NEVER going to go through another airport again. Why?

I have the worst airport anxiety you can imagine. But…

I’ll get into the answer as to “Why the hell are you subjecting yourself to this torture?” later.

Much, much later.

Two on a Rant

“Just got back from a pleasure trip:  I took my mother-in-law to the airport.”  –Henny Youngman



I love to fly, to look out at the blue that goes on forever.  It’s as if I can reach out and touch the hand of God.  

I imagine faces in the clouds or forests of white trees and enjoy the green of the Earth.  At night, I look out the window at the jewels of light known as cities, or appreciate the moon reflecting her light onto a sea of clouds.  

Turbulence?  No problem.  I enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Storm in the distance?  I love the contrast of dark within light.

What is my favorite moment of air travel?  When the wheels lift off the runway and we’re freed from the ground.

What about airports?


What is it about airports?

Walking through an airport is like looking through…

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