Cat Ckarma

I read your terrible post about me, so I’m OUTTA HERE!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work, and busily soaping my hair in the shower, when I heard two dogs having a disagreement.  That happens on occasion; when they’re playing, one will growl (translation:  That hurt!) and the other will stop playing too hard. 

Unfortunately, what I heard was 



several decibels higher than normal on top of the ungodly screeching.

So…I ran out of the shower, soap in my eyes and dripping wet.  Dogs scattered, but Other Brother Coon Cat was GONE!

No blood anywhere, so he was probably stepped on and in his umbrage he bolted out the door.

Unfortunately, he still hasn’t returned. 

He’s out there….somewhere…and won’t respond when we call him.

If you see this cat wandering around somewhere in North Florida, please let me know.

His mom misses him.