Four O’clock catty thoughts


is my favorite picture of my favorite cat who is still alive.

This is my favorite cat who died at 13 from a heart condition the vet said would kill him by the time he was 3:

Yes, it is possible to mourn a cat who is still alive, and never stop mourning him after he’s gone.


Favorite cat has just pushed off every piece of mail on my desk.

In contrast, this…

is a 4’Oclock Flower.

But this is not a flowery post because….



WHO WOKE ME UP TAKING THE CAT CR@P FROM HELL, is ruining running my life!

Look at those eyes — pure poltergeist! 

I’m beginning to think he’s the reincarnation of my 2nd husband’s mother who begged God for the chance to haunt me.

There’s “Karma” and then there’s “The universe has a sick sense of humor.” 

In the kitchen, I get the “feed me” stare-down if the can doesn’t open fast enough…

Yes, I just woke you up taking the dump from hell, now feed me more tuna so I can do it again at 2:00am tomorrow.


Yep…he’s the reincarnation of my MIL, right down to that, “You’re not good enough for my son” glare-down.

I’ll put up with a lot of things from a cat that I won’t put up with in a mother-in-law.

First of all, cats are fuzzy, cute, and purr.

I don’t think there’s a second-of-all.

I know, I’m just being catty.


Joelle (the cat slave) LeGendre