Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: Writing Frenzy

Never ask a writer, “What do you do for fun?”

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Today, I bleached the living room floor and drove hubby out of the house.  He hates bleach.  I hate cantaloupe.  He bought one last week. 

When he took it upstairs to cut it open and devour that which smells like vomit, he must have missed a molecule when he cleaned up the remains.

I’ll do anything to get the smell of cantaloupe out of my house. 

Yesterday, I was tired of trying to edit books that, at this rate, will be published in 2298.  So I did what any writer would do.

I started on another book.

This one isn’t a series, it’s based on a short story I wrote for a Carrot Ranch 99 word prompt two years ago.  When I’m bored, stories keep roiling around in my head and this was the one that wouldn’t go away.

Watching my fingers type is very entertaining, reading a story as it unfolds is better than watching a movie. 

…and voila!  Before I knew it, I’d written 5,466 words.

In case you’re wondering…I’m no longer bored.

The heroine of this story is a child born during wartime.  A race hell-bent on eradicating every life form that isn’t them is raging through several solar systems.  They’re destroying cave people, blasting beings only just reaching an industrial revolution and they almost succeed in destroying the entire population of Earth in the late 22nd century. 

Unfortunately Earth people can be SO naïve.  Politicians believed there could be peace with people who had already cut down three planets.  Anyone with a brain would never allow a contingent of 300 in a large warship with bombs and self destruct to land in a heavily populated area.

Several billion humans were pared down to 20 million and forced to survive underground. 

Our heroine is 13 when she presents a strategy to locate and eradicate a scourge that breeds like rats. By the time she’s 20, she is commander of a battalion surfing through space. 

Impossible?  When you’re a writer, nothing is impossible; you simply have to transport your reader into an altered state.   

But wait!  I’m not done with you yet!

Yes…I know…this story line isn’t new – in fact there are no new story lines, just different ways to tell a story and different characters to torture. 

This bold, brilliant, battle-hardened commander is told there’s a way to be rid of the galactic roach crew before they’ve crawled out of their planet:  All she has to do is take a trip through time and space.

To the early 19th century…

…where women are married off without their consent, their husband owns their property, and she is expected to clean, cook, sew, write letters in cursive, and pump out babies.

Ergo, this is way out of her skill set.

It’s supposed to be an easy task – arrive at the coordinates, complete her mission, and go home.  Problem is, she was supposed to be at the coordinates in 1820.  She arrived in 1810 wearing an empire-style dress with knickers, a bonnet, and needing a chaperone to ride in a stage coach.

See?  Isn’t this fun! 

I want to know what happens to her and how badly she beats up her husband when he tries to enact “discipline.”

I’m excited!!!!

Then again, I eat yogurt for breakfast.  It really doesn’t take much to excite my brain.



©Joelle (I’d call writing 5000 words  “a piece of cake” if I could cook) LeGendre