I would SO love to give good advice. 

…but when I do, no one listens.

My advice about anxiety is this:  Never say the “A” word in front of someone in a medical facility who is wearing a white lab jacket. 

Call it something that sounds like fun!

  1. If you hate malls, it’s “A trip to the mall.”
  2. “I had a workout today,” is better.  
  3. “I’m a bit under the weather,” is all right, if you don’t mention that the weather you’re under is a mile-wide tornado with a hurricane on the side.


20 Marriage Memes That Are Totally Spot On |

<–Five husband’s later, I found (to my horror) that it can be summed up in one meme.

You never know the true face of a person until you’ve tied the knot and find that the rope it’s attached to is either a noose or a mooring.

Same rope…different use.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can live with #1. 

If you have the world’s best luck, you don’t live in a country where you have no say over who you marry and you can’t divorce the drunk b@&tard who tries to kill you for having an opinion.  


Only engage in debate if you know the person you’re talking to is able to carry on a conversation. 

If it’s wearing a mask and carrying a nightstick, it doesn’t intend to listen to anything you have to say that might possibly change it’s mind.

That’s all the advice I have in me today.