Senseless-stuff-found-mostly-elsewhere sarcasm.

I love senseless memes.  They distract from the fact that the world is about to implode, and the 3 races vying for domination over our planet still can’t decide who wins after 270 million years.

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Yes, today’s theme is “Senseless cat memes” and a little toilet humor

It’s been a rough week, and last night I just HAD to have scrambled eggs with cheese.  Do you know what it’s like to still have it in your stomach 12 hours later?  It’s like this:

Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes - Quotes and Humor

Even my cat won’t mess with me today.

While I sip on camomile tea with honey, he sleeps soundly.  So far, I’ve finished 1/3 of a small tea cup in an hour.

Do you know the difference between cats and dogs?

  • Cats don’t care if you’re retching your guts out, as long as you do it in the toilet.
  • Dogs are hoping you don’t make it to the bathroom, waiting to see if they can add a little variety to their diet.

Cat philosophy:

Dog philosophy:

25 Dog Memes That Will Always Make Us Laugh

I’m going to take another sip of tea, and hope to doG he doesn’t get to live his dream.



©Joelle (I can’t believe I ate that) LeGendre.