This week

What will you be doing next week?  

 I’ll show you what I WON’T be doing:

This week, I predict that

  • my cat will sit in front of the computer, blocking the screen.

  • I will work at home Monday and Tuesday, then go into work on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and never once visit the Riverfront Park a mere 1 mile away from the office.
Riverfront park

Riverfront park

  • I will be inside my house at sunrise and sunset, missing this view,

My front yard

  • I’ll be writing — on one of my books, this blog, or constructing an email.

In summary, my cat and I will be doing the following:  

Where can I find a girl who will take over the world with ...

…only we’re not trying to take over the world, we’re trying to bore it to death.


©Joelle (in a strange mood) LeGendre